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Bimini Bahamas
Bimini Bahamas is the place for FUN in the SUN

Bimini Bahamas Information

Bimini Bahamas is a very special place.  The Bahamas has long been known as a place of gin clear water, sugar sand beaches and a laid back lifestyle.  Bimini, is the closest Bahama island to the US and is the first stop off for many wanting to enjoy a Bahamas getaway.



Bimini Bahamas

Phone Numbers for Bimini

Where to Call in Bimini Bahamas

emergency phone numbers for bimini bahamas

Fire Rescue or Police .... 919 or 242-347-3144  

Long Distance Operator .... 0 

Directory Assistance ...... 916 

Medical Clinic North Bimini 242-347-2210 

VHF/Marine Radio Channel 68 to "chat", call water ferry or taxi's

Western Air (SB) 242-347-4100
Regional Air (Freeport) 242-347-4115
Continental Airlines (SB)  242-347-4122
IBC Travel 954-834-1700

Royal Bank of Canada is the only bank on the island, located in Alice Town, Bimini, opposite the Sea Crest Marina. Visitors to Bimini can get cash 24 hours a day at the ATM operated by RBC convenient banking machine. ATM's dispurse Bahamian currency.

Open: Monday - Thursday • 9:30 a.m. – 3pm.
Friday • 9:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Bimini Ports of Entry
Bimini Sands, Bimini Bay, Government Dock at Brown’s Marina, Sea Crest Marina, Bimini Blue Water
Customs (AT) 242-347-3100
Immigration (AT) 242-347-3446

"Sherece M" 242-393-1064

Post Office
Alice Town 242-347-3546

BEC or Bahamas Electical Corperation (AT) 347-3343
BTC or Bahamas Telecommunications Corporation (AT) 347-3311

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