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Bimini Bahamas is a very special place.  The Bahamas has long been known as a place of gin clear water, sugar sand beaches and a laid back lifestyle.  Bimini, is the closest Bahama island to the US and is the first stop off for many wanting to enjoy a Bahamas getaway.



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Your Bahamas vacation has been booked and now you are wondering what you should pack. If you are arriving by your private liveaboard boat, of course you will have your regular boat stores including food and beverage, your fishing, snorkeling and diving gear. In addition, most boaters carry sunscreen and bug repellant.  

If you are flying in, then you have to actually think about what you will need, what to bring and what you can actually purchase here in Bimini.  To answer the “purchase” question, the answer would be “NOT much”! 

Bimini Bahamas is really an island and other than tourism, it doesn’t have industry going on.  There isn’t a Wal-Mart Supercenter; there really isn’t a large store at all.  Everything is imported; either from Nassau or Florida … as they say …”The boat hasn’t come in this week”!  Actually, the boats come in on Wednesday from Nassau and on Thursday from Florida and of course, this is always weather and tide dependent.  

You will need to bring your toiletries and if you are diving or snorkeling, pack bathing suits, dive skins or wet suits. Otherwise you will be wearing shorts, t-shirts, light “wicking” fishing shirts, maybe 1 pair of long pants in the winter. Almost any type reasonable body covering will do, but remember you will be dressing casually, and you can go anywhere with a shirt, shorts and foot coverings. Most people wear a hat during the day and you may need shoes, but ladies, remember that there is a LOT of sand here and not many paved roads or sidewalks … you may want to leave the heels at home. I have seen many young ladies “mincing’ around the sand in 4” heels at the at the ferry dock! 

Sunscreen , aloe lotion if you burn … bug repellent and a Benadryl Gel is great for bites and even jelly fish stings, although the best cure for jelly fish stings or scratches from fire coral is a salve of meat tenderizer and water.  If you are going to put your head underwater, a disposable underwater camera will come in handy to bring back your Bimini memories.   

Speaking of cameras, if yours still uses film bring plenty, otherwise make sure to have a spare SD card and extra batteries or charger. 

Basically, bring what you will need … although it may be possible to buy it in Bimini, it's not an ideal place to shop for stuff like lipstick or aftershave.  The Straw Market on North Bimini has the usual tourist stuff like t-shirts and colorful trinkets … it is usually open in the mornings. 

If you are diving, bring your stuff, although some of it can be rented. If you are fishing, bring your stuff.  Some of the charters do have gear available. 

Food! If you are renting a condo like at Bimini Sands you will have a full kitchen. Some folks do not want to cook at all when on vacation and that is great, in that case you may want to just throw a couple of snacks into your bag … even buying an apple on Bimini can be a challenge at times. If you do plan on cooking a few meals let me give you a heads up. There is a small grocery store on South Bimini with some canned and frozen items ... you also might find a couple of items at the "store" at Bimini Sands Resort, but nothing you should count on. On North Bimini you have Robert’s Groceries and Trev Inn … both offer a modest selection of food and snacks. Most of the locals shop at Trev Inn … it is farther up from the ferry, but it has better prices and quite a large variety of fresh fruit and veggies … when the boat comes in … LOL! Speaking of prices, remember that everything has to be imported so prices are higher ... some a little bit, but others … a gallon of milk $10, a 46oz. can of V8 juice $4 … if traveling with your pet be sure to bring their food along with you, also.

Beer and wine is pricey, but rum and other hard liquors are pretty inexpensive.  If you are coming by boat be sure to throw a couple of suitcases of Bud on board ... it is better than money when tipping over here If you have access to a VHF radio consider bringing it along … it is like listening in on an island party line … Channel 68. If you need to call a taxi or water ferry just ask on channel 68.  Don't bring phone cards from home and expect to use them … unless home is the Bahamas. FREE WiFi is available at Bimini Sands on the South side. 

Money! Yes, you will need it. US dollars and Bahamian dollars are 1-1 and you can use US money on Bimini without exchanging them for Bahamian dollars. Local merchants try to give you back US dollars when making change as a courtesy, but sometimes it isn’t possible. The larger resorts and restaurants take credit or debit cards. 

Once you firm up where you are staying be sure to contact them and find out what amenities they offer.  When I rent out my condo I have large beach towels, hair dryer, iron and board along with tons of other things to make a Bahamas vacation perfect … best to find out and not be surprised. 

… and, don’t forget … have a great time … “It’s Better in the Bahamas”! 


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