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Bimini Bahamas is the place for FUN in the SUN

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Bimini Bahamas is a very special place.  The Bahamas has long been known as a place of gin clear water, sugar sand beaches and a laid back lifestyle.  Bimini, is the closest Bahama island to the US and is the first stop off for many wanting to enjoy a Bahamas getaway.



Enter Bimini Bahamas by Boat

25.710698, -79.298941

Information  Forms to Clear your Boat

Entry Fees

The cruising permit fee is:

BS$150.00 for pleasure vessels up to 35’ in length
BS$300.00 for pleasure vessels over 35’ in length

In addition, there is a BS$20.00 per head passenger tax with the first 3 crew / passengers exempt.

The fee covers the cruising permit, fishing permit, Customs and Immigration charges and the departure tax for up to four persons. The clearance fee entitles the vessel to two entries during a 90-day period.

Hours for Bahamas Customs and Immigration Officers:

Weekdays 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. for Winter months & 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. for Summer months.

Officers are on-call during holidays and weekends.


Clearing Procedures

Visiting boaters must clear customs and immigration at the airport on South Bimini or Alice Town on North Bimini. As you enter port, fly the yellow quarantine flag. Once docked, the captain is permitted to leave the boat in order to clear the boat and crew with local customs and immigration. All crew are required to remain onboard until the captain returns with vessel clearance.


This process must be completed within 24 hours after arrival into Bahamian waters. No passengers or crew are to disembark until the process is completed.

All visitors entering The Bahamas must make a customs declaration upon arrival.

Free import

200 cigarettes
50 cigars
454 grammes of tobacco products
1 quart of spirits
1 quart of wine
Personal items including clothes, shoes and watches etc not intended for sale
Legal items up to $100.00 in value can also be imported.

Bahamas Customs requires the following:

Vessel's Registration
Completion of the Maritime Declaration Form
Completion of the Inward Report Form
Everyone on board must have proof of citizenship ... U.S. citizens must present a passport. Completion of an Immigration Card for each person arriving on the vessel.

Before leaving, be sure to surrender your copy of the immigration card.


ALL Forms can be Downloaded HERE

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