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Bimini Bahamas is the place for FUN in the SUN

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Bimini Bahamas is a very special place.  The Bahamas has long been known as a place of gin clear water, sugar sand beaches and a laid back lifestyle.  Bimini, is the closest Bahama island to the US and is the first stop off for many wanting to enjoy a Bahamas getaway.



Fish Bimini Bahamas

Deep Sea Fishing Bimini Bahamas

The Bahamas and Bimini islands are known for deep Sea Fishing for Big Game Fish. Marlin, Tuna and Sharks ... there are the ocean's biggest predator's. Perfectly suited to their aquatic environment there is no greater challenge for an angler. Imagine pitting yourself against one of these giants. Think of the adrenalin rush you will experience when you hook into one of these "bad" boys! Big game fishing in Bimini Bahamas will leave you screaming in muscle cramping, back breaking pain as well as victory as you out manuever and bring the champions of the sea alongside your boat ...

Catch the Big Ones in Bimini!

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To find the chart for best fishing go to Game Fish Chart Bimini, Bahamas 
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FISHING CHARTERS in Bimini Bahamas

Fly-Fishing Charters and Healing Hole Guides!

Ansil Saunders +1 (242) 347-2178
Fred Rolle +1 (242) 347 2248
Ebbie Davie +1 (242) 347 2053
Tommy Sewell +1 (242) 347-3234

Deep Sea Fishing Charters!

Mack Rolle +1 (242) 347-2462
William Pinder +1 (242) 347-2400
Benjamin Francis +1 (242) 347-2630
Leo Levarity +1 (242) 347-2346
Baldwin Hinzey +1 (242) 347-3166
Darrel Dottin VHF 68

The Calypsonians / Back in Bimini

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