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Bimini Bahamas is a very special place.  The Bahamas has long been known as a place of gin clear water, sugar sand beaches and a laid back lifestyle.  Bimini, is the closest Bahama island to the US and is the first stop off for many wanting to enjoy a Bahamas getaway.



What to do in Bimini

what to do in bimini

Considering that Bimini is a tiny island, there's a boatload of stuff to do! Activities abound ...  but be sure not to miss ...

The Dolphin House

dolphin house bimini

Ashley Saunders, a local author, artist, and historian on the island of Bimini has opened his home, the Dolphin House, to visitors.  Saunders whose family has lived on Bimini since the American Revolution has built a unique house.  In 1993, he began construction of a houseunlike any other using found and recycled materials to decorate every inch of the concrete structure.  The Dolphin House is designed to withstand the ugly forces of passing hurricanes, yet also embellished by the careful touches of an artist ... it is made almost entirely of crushed coral concrete, shells, and reclaimed tiles. Located in Alice Town, the Dolphin House deserves far more than an intriguing paragraph in the ocaisonal Bahamian guidebook.  

Bimini Museum

bimini museum bimini bahamas

Tropical pink located in Alice Town. The Bimini History Museum and Heritage Centre was founded in 1995. Old photographs, telegrams and artifacts tell the story of our little island in the stream. Open daily from 10am to 7pm. (242) 473 1252. Admission is free. Donations accepted.

Bimini Sands Nature Trail

bimini nature trail

This self-guided walking tour introduces nature enthusiasts to the indigenous fauna and floral of Bimini. Colorful signage along the one-mile trail provides information about the White Crowned Pigeon, Bimini Boa and other animals plus a variety of plants including Gum Elemi, Silver Thatch Palms and Poison Wood.

Fountain of Youth

fountain of youth bimini bahamas

One of the oldest historical landmarks in Bimini is Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon’s Fountain of Youth. While tales of such a fountain have been recounted among indigenous peoples predating the 16th century, the prominent legend credits Leon with the discovery of Bimini’s restorative waters around 1513. Today, Bimini’s Fountain of Youth sits along the airport road in South Bimini under a scattering of overgrown Kamalame trees and consists of a small limestone well, a short walking path and a few painted benches.

Rent a Paddleboard or Kayak

rent a kayak bimini bahamas

It is only a short paddle across the channel to cays thick with mangroves where you're very likely to see stingrays and sharks cruising the shallows.

Snorkeling or Diving

snorkel diving bimini bahamas

Incredible sites like the Sapona ... a concrete ship wreck that sits half-way out of the water and was used during Prohibition to store liquor, Triangle Rocks, where several Caribbean sharks are likely to be found converging on any given day.  Tuna Alley, Victory Reef and the Nodules comprise multiple dive sites stretching from Cat Cay down to a series of small cays generically referred to as the Bimini Cays. Multiple moorings allow a broad variety of both dive profiles and experiences.

Bimini Road / Road to Atlantis

Located just a half mile off shore, this unusual arrangement of stones inspire an array of controversy. While some argue the formation as proof of an ancient road or wall, others believe the stones to be no more significant than limestone bedrock. Either way, coupled with Edgar Cayce’s prediction (that the lost city of Atlantis would rise again somewhere in The Bahamas in 1968, which coincidently was the year the stones were discovered) and similar claims put forth by various geologists, oceanologists and historians, a trip down to “Bimini Road” is certainly worthwhile.

The Healing Hole


Mineral rich waters bubbling from a freshwater spring in a creek arm fringed with mangroves are reputed to have restorative qualities.  Natural lithium and sulfur are two of the minerals said to be contained in these waters.

Swim with Wild Dolphins

Don't miss out on swimming with wild Atlantic spotted dolphins in the gin clear water. The dolphins are residents in Bimini's waters year round, but it takes a bit of a scouting mission to find them. When waters are calm chances are best. Once the boat has found the dolphins and they seem eager to engage, snorkelers can slip into the water and swim among them ... over 20 wild dolphins at a time.  How cool is that?

Great Hammerhead Shark Excursion

Bimini has emerged as one of the best places on the planet to encounter one of the ocean’s most amazing predators, the Great Hammerhead Shark.  Enjoy the thrill of being up close and personal with these beasts.

Deep Sea Fishing

North and South Bimini are known as some of the premier areas for big game fishing. The Bimini Islands sit in the heart of the Gulf Stream, the waters well stocked with marlin and tuna. Fisherman also go after the many bottom fish found in the Bimini waters including grouper, snapper and wahoo. Many charter boat and fishing guides are available.

Bone Fishing

Bimini has some of the best bonefish guides in the Bahamas, with legendary experience and world records to prove it. For such a small collection of islands, there’s plenty of bonefishing history, beautiful unspoiled flats and most importantly, an abundance of big fish in the waters around our three little islands called “Bimini” !

The Bimini Biological Field Station

bimini shark lab

The Shark Lab has captured and recorded 13 species of sharks in the shallow waters around Bimini. However, the number of sharks around the island is even higher when considering the sharks of the deep waters off Bimini's western shores. Along with the species featured below, the BBFS has witnessed and recorded captures of Shortfin Mako sharks, Bigeye Thresher sharks, Spiny Dogfish, and Sixgill Sharks. The Shark Lab is a world famous facility owned and has been featured on many documentaries.


The Calypsonians / Back in Bimini

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